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Why BBQ’ing with wood is good

Flavour. Aroma. Ambience. These are just some of the benefits of using braai wood for your BBQ:


Let’s Braai Rooikrans, Sekelbos and Kameeldoring woods are natural fuel sources. Once the wood is harvested, it is naturally dried and cut into logs – no nasty binding agents like you find in charcoal. Our wood is also derived from sustainable resources.

Easy to Light

If your Let’s Braai wood is nice and dry, all you need is some tinder and kindling and the strike of a match to get the flame going. You could also use firelighters to make it easier. (You may find it challenging at first, but practice makes perfect. We promise.)

Burns longer

Wood typically burns longer than charcoal which makes it perfect for grilling a nice big cut of meat. Our African hardwoods (Sekelbos, Rooikrans and Kameeldoring) can burn for over an hour creating lovely hot coals while charcoal only burns for about a half-hour. It also means you can cook more in one go.

Brings the flavour

Delicious wood-fire flavour is thanks to the organic compounds released through the aromatic smoke which permeates your meat and veggies on the grill. Different varieties of wood produce different flavours.

Lots of Heat

High quality dry wood produces lots of heat. This burns hotter, making it perfect for grilling your food (or keeping warm round the fire on a chilly evening).

No mess. No fuss.

Let’s face it, charcoal is messy. Black soot everywhere! If your wood is dry and well stored, you won’t get dirty.

Creates delicious aromas

Charcoal simply doesn’t smell good. And also contains some harmful chemicals. When you use wood on your BBQ, the air is full of wonderful aromas that create that wonderful BBQ ambience.

So versatile

There are so many uses for our BBQ woods. You can smoke meats, build a fire, grill on your BBQ as well as use it in fire-pits and outdoor fireplaces. Charcoal, on the other hand, is not suitable for smoking meat or making a fire. If you want a cosy indoor fire, our Kameeldoring is a great alternative to traditional firewood because it provides incredible heat with an exceptional burn time.