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BBQ with wood Come rain or shine, breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is nothing quite like a bbq with wood – a Southern African style Braai. The aroma of grilled meat drifting through the air, the long relaxed social gathering of friends and family, not to mention great food… But what makes it extra special? We think it’s a BBQ fired up with Let’s braai premium Southern African hardwoods.

And now, you can create the ultimate BBQ experience with authentic braai wood in the UK.

African hardwoods – Sekelbos, Rooikrans, Kameeldoring and Mopane – for recreating the famous South African Braai in UK homes and gardens.

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About Let’s Braai

At Let’s Braai, we have a passion for braaing (also known as BBQ’ing). We love the atmosphere around a braai and imagine you do too! By the way, our daughters who are 7 and 3 year old absolutely love braaing too. We started using braai wood a few years ago and fell in love straight away with the whole experience, the aromas, and the flavours that braai wood brings to braai meat. We decided we would like to bring this South African braai experience to the UK, which can only make your grilled meat better!

BBQ with wood, buring wood for a South african braai

Why do we do, what we do?

So exactly what is a braai in South Africa? Ask any South African this question and you will get a variety of answers. Some will say Braaibroodjies, potjiekos, sosaties and boerewors are synonymous with our own South African braai culture. Most South Africans will agree that braaing is an important cultural event all about togetherness and connection. A place where friends and families bond and socialize around an open fire that’s burning Sekelbos, Rooikrans, Kameeldoring or Mopane. Therefore, a braai isn’t just a meal. It is, in fact, a unique South African Sensory experience.

At Let’s Braai, we wanted to recreate this taste of home for the many South Africans living in the UK. We also wanted to share this unique braai experience with the many braai beginners out there.

Whether you’re just wanting a good old fashioned grilled sandwich with a Cape Town flair or you’re ready to spice up some traditional sausage, Let’s Braai!

Braai or BBQ? So what’s the difference?

Man makes fire

Obviously, the major difference between braai and BBQ is the fire! A braai, traditionally, uses wood as fuel. When you braai, fire remains open throughout the cooking period of the braai and people gather around a burning stove to eat and spends much of the day or night here.

Flames burning hardwood braai, Bbq with wood

It isn’t (just) cooking, but rather an experience…

The wonderful smell of sosaties, boerewors and braaibroodjies, infused with the spicy aromas of firewood. Sound of crackling firewood whilst eating biltong and droewors, family and friends gather around the fire, more drinking until the early hours…

Come rain or shine South Africans braai any time of the day, and every braai experience is unique.

If you are South African and you are lighting your fire with our wood, you will be transported back in time to that happy place, great memory of a braai experience you had.

If you are new to the South African braai grill thing here in the UK, we really hope you have, or make some Southern African friends along the way that will take you under their wing and show you, our ways. When you do experience a braai with your Southern African friends, be sure to take it all in. The togetherness, the ambience as well as being able to socialise with people you like around the fire.

Braai meat with vegitables tjoppie

Why we know, you will love our braai wood

Did you know using a natural fuel source to fuel your fire and cook your food is much friendlier to the environment than let’s say hot coals for example?

The main characteristic of African hardwood is its long burn time, in fact much longer than charcoal. And because African hardwoods produce a lot of heat consistently you can cook like a braai master anything from lamb chops, traditional braai cuisine, chicken kebabs, rump steaks to potjiekos so you can tell all your friends to arrive hungry. When you`ve experienced the wonderful aromas of a wood fire alongside and the smell of traditional braai cuisine you will not want to use anything else again.

Potjie kos, bbq with wood, braai with wood

It’s all in the details

As braai lovers, we know that wood quality is key to experiencing successful South African Barbecue.

Our wood burns slowly is extremely dry and have a 0% to 1% moisture content. We continuously strive to source the very best wood and we are extremely pleased to be able to offer our customers a variety of firewood from Southern Africa.

By sharing our love for this Southern African tradition, we hope to create the best experience for our customers by providing excellent service and a personalised experience.

Every braai is important! A birthday, a rugby game or just a casual braai, we aim to deliver to all our customers as quickly as we can.

How is our wood sourced?

All our wood is from the Southern Africa region sourced using sustainable methods Our Kameeldoring and Sekelbos wood grow best in deserts and savannas like the Kalahari and wood are taken from the branches that fall from the trees due to their heavyweight. They then dry naturally in the hot African sun and cut into logs.

Another very dry and dense Southern African braai wood is Mopane. Our wood is also taken from dead branches that fall from the trees, then the wood is baked by the African sun.

Rooikrans, also known as Coastal Wattle, is one of the most widespread invasive species in South Africa, especially the Western Cape where it is found in the low land fynbos areas. It remains a firm favourite among South African households. 

BBQ with wood, Lets braai bag of wood to barbecue

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