Kameeldoring braai wood 30kg box

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Our Kameeldoring braai wood 30kg box (free UK delivery) is now available!

Our Kameeldoring BBQ wood is taken from the branches that fall from the trees due to their heavy weight (extremely dense). Baked by the African sun, Kameeldoring hardwood has a very low moisture content, between 0 to 1% moisture. This firewood is extremely dry and heavy which is why is takes so long to burn at a high temperature. Kameeldoring is a very slow burning wood. You will be able to cook and grill for hours. Ideal for long slow roasts and stews on a BBQ!

No need to add charcoal with this superb cooking wood, just use some kindling wood or firelighters and get the fire going! It will create plenty of hot coals in approximately 1 hour.

Kameeldoring hardwood produces a very small amount of smoke and gives off a beautiful natural aromatic fragrance.

This wood is perfect for BBQ, braai and fire pits. Kameeldoring can also be used inside. If you want a cosy indoor fire, our Kameeldoring is a great alternative to traditional firewood that will offer incredible heat with an exceptional burn time.

Our Kameeldoring braai wood 30kg box (free UK delivery) is the perfect gift for all braai lovers/addicts :).

As an alternative, we also offer Kameeldoring BBQ / braai wood in 10kg and 20kg bags.

Our wood is Ready to Burn certified (accreditation by Woodsure). Wood certified as Ready to Burn has a guaranteed moisture content below 20%.

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