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What really makes Kameeldoring (camel thorn) braai wood stand out from the crowd is the fact that once you light it up, you will have high-heat coals ready to braai within an hour. Additionally, it’s a great option for beginners trying their hand at a South African barbecue for the first time. The wood’s very low moisture content ensures it lights easily and stays light. Therefore, you won’t be struggling with flames and smoke.

What is Kameeldoring wood?

Kameeldoring is a popular type of wood that is often used for barbecuing in South Africa. It`s is also known as Camel thorn, and it has many benefits that make it a great choice for barbecuing..

Easy to light and easy to burn!

Kameeldoring firewood has the lowest moisture content of the African hardwoods, which means there is really no need to add any charcoal or extra fuel as the coals will burn hot enough. It produces high-heat coals within an hour, which you can easily cook and grill for several hours.




4 Reasons you will love to braai with our wood:

  • With virtually zero smoke production you’ll be able to BBQ like a pro, with little to no smoke.
  • Impress your friends and family with your amazing grilling skills and enjoy a delicious, smoky barbecue without all the fuss.
  • With its exceptionally long burn time, it’s great for fire pits so you can enjoy the fire for hours.
  • It’s an alternative to seasoned domestic firewood that will offer incredible heat so curl up with a good book next to a warm fire in winter.

What Is Kameeldoring, and Where Does It Come From?

The origin and characteristics of the Kameeldoring Tree (Camelthorn Tree)

Known as Vachellia erioloba, Acacia erioloba, Camel Thorn, Kameldoring (in Afrikaans), and Giraffe tree. The Kameeldoring tree is native to the semi-desert regions of Southern Africa and reaches a towering height of approximately 30 metres. They are resilient and lifespan of up to 200 years.
Kameeldoring trees are large and umbrella-shaped, and they are considered a keystone species in the African Savannah. This is due to the fact that so many other species and echosystems depend on it. They can tolerate long periods without water in the unforgiving african sun and are referred to as the tree of life
Kameeldoring trees are harvested for their timber, which serves various purposes, including firewood, construction, and furniture production. Additionally, kameeldoring wood is utilised in the production of charcoal. Our Kameeldoring braai wood is sourced from the branches that naturally fall due to their substantial weight.
Our Kameeldoring braai wood is taken from the branches that fall from the trees due to their heavy weight (extremely dense).


Quick Facts about Kameeldoring

  • Common name camel thorn
  • Young branches are shiny reddish-brown in colour
  • It’s baked by the African Sun to 0 to 1% moisture content
  • Kameeldoring (Camelthorn) burns with minimal flame and produces a musky aromatic fragrance
  • Environmentally friendly with no wasted energy burning off extra moisture
  • A great alternative to traditional firewood
  • Our Kamereldoring (Camel Thorn) firewood is responsibly cropped
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