Sekelbos braai wood 30kg box

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Our Sekelbos braai wood 30kg box (free UK delivery) is now available!

Sekelbos wood, also known as Sicklebush or even Kalahari Christmas tree, is extremely dry and has a moisture content of almost zero – super dry, super dense BBQ wood. Naturally dried in the African desert sun, Selkelbos hardwood gives off intense heat and an incredible burn time.

Our Sekelbos BBQ wood is taken from the dead branches that fall from the trees, they then dry naturally in the hot African sun.

You can read more on the Sekelbos tree here.

Unlike Kameeldoring, Sekelbos is yellow in colour. Its natural and unique oils are well known to enhance the flavour of the meat. Great for cooking steak at a high temperature and get that delicious wood-fire flavour!

When you use Sekelbos on your BBQ, the air is full of wonderful aromas for a wonderful braai ambience.

No need to add charcoal with this superb cooking wood, just get the fire going!

This firewood is perfect for outdoor use: BBQ, braai, firepits; a great hardwood to also use indoor as it offers intense heat and an exceptional burn time, ideal for fireplaces.

Our Sekelbos braai wood 30kg box (free UK delivery) is the perfect gift for all BBQ / braai lovers! We also offer Sekelbos braai wood in 10 and 20 bags.

Our wood is Ready to Burn certified (accreditation by Woodsure). Wood certified as Ready to Burn has a guaranteed moisture content below 20%.

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