Mopane braai wood 10kg

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Our Mopane braai wood 10kg bag is now available!

Colophospermum mopane, commonly called mopane, mopani or butterfly tree is a tree that grows in hot, dry, low-lying areas of Southern Africa. The trees can be found in the northern parts of South Africa as well as Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique.

Together with Kameeldoring trees (also known as Camel Thorn), Mopane trees are the main firewood trees in this part of the world. A very popular African braai wood!

Our Mopane wood is taken from the dead branches that fall from the trees. They then dry naturally in the hot African sun.

Reddish in colour, Mopane African hardwood is one of Southern Africa’s heaviest wood. Very dry and dense, Mopane makes extremely hot coals and stay hot for a very long time.

A slow burning wood that generates lots of heat, you can grill and cook for hours! Mopane will enhance the flavour of the food, a beautiful cooking wood.

We will also offer Mopane BBQ / braai wood in 30kg box (free UK delivery) is the perfect gift for all braai lovers 😊

Our wood is Ready to Burn certified (accreditation by Woodsure). Wood certified as Ready to Burn has a guaranteed moisture content below 20%.

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