3-in-1 Jaffle Maker

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NEW: our 3-in-1 Jaffle Maker !

For so many of you, jaffles will bring back memories from your childhood 😊.

Some of you may ask what are jaffles? We would describe jaffles as glorified toasted sandwiches. They are loaded with flavour and served steaming hot!

A jaffle maker is as iconic to South Africa as a potjie, chutney or rusks.

Our 3-in-1 jaffle maker can be used on a open fire as well as on a hot plate stove. We prefer it on a braai, directly onto the coals.

It’s a very simple concept, take any bread you like and go for any filling. We love bacon, chutney and cheese (lots of cheese), especially the kids. Another filling we enjoy is curry mince. We have a very tasty curry mince jaffle recipe from Jan Braai, here is the link.

We love using our 3-in-1 jaffel maker! On a school night, we go for Rooikrans braai wood which is fast lighting and quick to cook on. It produces coals in around 40 minutes. We all choose our filling (Analine and Eglantine love cheese and I go for my favourite, curry mince). Having a triple jaffle maker means we can eat all together and enjoy some quality time around the table. We then share with the little one, too young to choose her own filling yet.

Jaffles make as well a great snack to share with friends around the fire.

Our advice, make sure you butter the bread on the outsides to prevent sticking before putting it in the jaffle maker.

Enjoy 😊!

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