Rooikrans braai wood 30kg box

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Our Rooikrans braai wood 30kg box (free UK delivery) is now available!

Rooikrans (plant name: Acacia Cyclops) hardwood is loved by thousands and well known in the Western Cape region of South Africa; by far the the most popular braai wood available in the area.

Originally from Australia, Rooikrans trees were brought to Cape Town in the 1800’s. Later used along the coastline for dune stabilisation, Rooikrans has spread rapidly and is now a serious pest in the Western Cape / southern Africa. Rooikrans schrubs and trees are a threat to the biodiversity of the Table Mountain in Cape Town / Mountain Fynbos. So, this is problematic in coastal and lowland parts of the Cape Provinces. In South Africa, Rooikrans is considered to be one of the most widespread alien invasive species.

Rooikrans is a very popular braai / BBQ wood!

Our Rooikrans BBQ wood is fast lighting and quick to cook and grill on. It produces coals in around 40 minutes (giving you lots of time to enjoy catching up with family and friends around the fire), and you can cook on it for up to an hour. Also, Rooikrans firewood adds a lovely smoky flavour to the meat.

Our Rooikrans braai wood 30kg box (free UK delivery) is the perfect gift for all braai lovers.

We offer Rooikrans braai wood in 10kg and 20kg bags too.

Our wood is Ready to Burn certified (accreditation by Woodsure). Wood certified as Ready to Burn has a guaranteed moisture content below 20%.

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