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Let’s Braai mentioned in The Guardian!

We have been mentioned in The Guardian!

At the beginning of August 2022, Leah Harper, a reporter and writer at The Guardian, contacted us. She wanted to speak to us about what is involved in having a braai, after Boris Johnson reportedly had one at his wedding. Let’s Braai mentioned in the Guardian!!

A braai at Boris Johnson’s wedding party!

Let's Braai On Saturday 30th July 2022, guests at Boris and Carrie Johnson’s wedding party were set to dine on South African street food. A hand full of street outlets were present at the party, amongst which the catering company Smoke and Braai.

SAPeople reported in a recent interview that Michelin-star chef Jan (Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen) predicted South African food to become the world’s next big thing.

Right now, it seems like a lot of British people are learning about South African food, about lekker food! Leah Harper from The Guardian wanted to know what a braai is.  It was a pleasure to speak with her about our passion and what we do. Here is a link to her article, enjoy. Let’s Braai mentioned in the Guardian, we are very proud!

So, what is a braai?

For those of you new to the term, our answer is ‘A braai is much more than just cooking food, it is all about the atmosphere, the taste, the experience, and the people that you share it and spend time with! No matter if it is for a special occasion, a rugby match, a date night, or a school night dinner, you don’t need an excuse to braai and enjoy good food and good company’

Kameeldoring braai wood Let's Braai

‘A major difference between a braai and a barbecue is the fire! A braai, traditionally, uses wood as fuel.

Wood brings out the best flavours in the meat. And different varieties of wood produce different flavours. When using wood, the air is full of wonderful aromas that create a great ambience. The coals will remain lit for the duration of the braai, even after the food has been cooked. Guests will then gather around the fire and enjoy atmosphere.’

You can find more information in a previous blog post we wrote ‘The Ultimate Guide to braai (South African way!)

Smoke and Braai menu at the wedding party included grass-fed British beef braai boerewors roll, a classic food for a traditional South African braai. Popular across Southern Africa, Boerewors literally means ‘farmers sausage’ in Afrikaans. Traditionally, boerewors is made of minced meat (usually beef) with an herb and spice blend in a sausage casing.

We are back at the Leamington Food Festival (10-11 September 2022)!

Let's braai Leamington Food Festival

And on this note, we are pleased to announce that we will be back with Ben’s Biltong / Ben’s Meat and Heat Emporium at the Leamington Food festival which returns on 10th and 11th of September 2022.

We will be back with our Boerewors rolls. Our beef boerewors will be spiced with coriander, black pepper, and nutmeg along with vinegar. This combination of spices and vinegar creates a unique flavour, specific to the South African cuisine.

We cannot wait to meet so many of you there 😉!

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