Sekelbos potjie kindling wood 8kg

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NEW: Sekelbos potjie kindling wood 8kg

What is the secret to a good fire? Proper kindling!

For a fire to start, the wood needs to reach a temperature high enough to catch a flame. That’s why we use kindling.

The best kindling needs to light easily and burn quickly to a high enough heat that the logs around it catch alight. Our premium Sekelbos Kindling is perfect! 

Our Sekelbos potjkie kindling is extremely dry and has a moisture content of almost zero, ideal for potjie.

Our Sekelbos potjie kindling wood 8kg is a great addition to our Kameeldoring, Sekelbos, Rooikrans braai wood range.

Our wood is Ready to Burn certified (accreditation by Woodsure). Wood certified as Ready to Burn has a guaranteed moisture content below 20%.

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Weight 8 kg