Braai Accessories 8 Essential must haves for a South African Braai
by Dan van Straaten March 30, 2021 2 Comments

8 Essential braai accessories

What items do you need to experience an authentic South African BBQ?

We’ve all got our own way of braaing, which means there are some braai accessories I swear by and others I don’t use. This is my ‘starter kit :

  1. A braai! Or BBQ (whether it’s steel cast, a Weber, a drum, whatever you love cooking on) is essential to your braai experience.
  2. Wood: Nothing is better than a BBQ using braai wood. Check ours out here.
  3. Always make sure you have an axe, lighter, matches, firelighters, kindling etc kept close to your braai. You don’t want to hunt around when the urge takes you!
  4. Tongs: These are essential. There are so many to choose from, but I like longer ones that really grip the coals and meat so that they’re easy to turn. You also want tongs with a really firm grip.
  5. A sharp sturdy knife. Whether you’re cutting the plastic to get to your meat, slicing off small cuts to test as you braai or carving to serve, a good knife is a no-brainer.
  6. A grill brush: Makes cleaning much easier.
  7. A basting brush: Keep marinading as you braai for tender, tasty meat.
  8. A beer chiller: Enough said.

There are so many more, but these are my good-to-go braai accessory ideas. Visit our shop where you will be able to find our range of South African hardwoods to compliment your braai accessories.





  1. Andtrew March 7, 2023

    Do you sell a braai rooster?

    • admin March 8, 2023

      Currently, we are not stocking rooster. Please let us know what kind of rooster you are looking for. Feel free to get in touch with us.
      Our phone number is 07862 024 996. Thanks Dan


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